About Us



The goal of Mahogany Mail is to celebrate queer joy in romance and to put some good in the world.  Our team is made of queer people who have found themselves and their first friends in the pages of queer books, and allies who truly learned the meaning of ‘love is love’ at the hands of fictional queer characters.  We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to not just create consumers, but to create compassionate people compelled to action.  
To us, being a part of or an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community means supporting and funding the work of its members.  Mahogany Mail provides a way to do just that!  Your subscription will allow you to get something good and DO something good!


When you subscribe to Mahogany Mail, not only are you supporting queer-owned small businesses, writers of inclusive stories, and creators of queer art, you are also taking part in the work being done to save the lives of queer teens.  As of now, we have selected one charity, the Trevor Project, to receive $5.00 from every box sold. 


We are getting ready for Queers and Quills coming to Portland, Oregon in May of 2025!