Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my box?
We aim to ship Marley's Must Reads boxes the last week of the feature month.  For example the June box will ship the last week of June.
We will always do our best to stay timely with shipping.  However, all projected shipping schedules are mostly dependent upon things that are outside of our control.  Up to date information will always be available on our website under the Shipping Updates tab.  We will post notifications for any delays longer than forty-five days past the end of the feature month.
Mahogany Mail boxes will show expected delivery dates in the product description.  Again, the dates are best estimates and up to date shipping information will be available on the website under the Shipping Updates tab.
How do I get a subscription?
Bi-monthly subscription spots to Marley's Must Reads are currently full. If we have to move to a waitlist, information will be posted on our website and social media platforms.
How much is a one-time box?
Marley's Must Reads single purchase options are $115.00 USD, plus shipping and possible taxes. 
The price of the Mahogany Mail Special Edition boxes will vary as the number of books may change from one box to the next.  As of right now, these boxes are only offered as one-time purchases, but we are considering a new subscription model for them.
How will I be charged?
Following your initial order you will be charged between the 3rd and 5th of the month before the feature month.   For example, you will be billed in January for the February box.  You will receive a renewal notice email a few days before your payment is processed.
If we are unable to process your payment, your order will automatically be canceled after three attempts.
Can I skip a month or pause?
The short answer is no.  Our billing platform does not allow us to customize this option for the different subscriptions we've offered.  It is possible that we will be adding a skip option in the near future. There is a one-time purchase option for our Marley's Must Reads box. Subscriptions allow us to plan further in advance, which ultimately leads to better boxes!
Will you ship internationally?
Yes!  Please note that we have no control over international shipping fees and we do not cover any duties or customs charges or any other fees that may apply upon delivery.  We will continue to search for the best international shipping options to avoid as many fees for you as possible.  
FOR DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES - we are not responsible for the package upon check in by the mail carrier. 
What happens if my package is lost in transit or arrives damaged?
We are not responsible for packages upon check-in by the postal service. 

 If you think your package has been lost or was damaged beyond use in transit, you will need to contact the postal carrier and file a claim. The packages are insured, and the postal carriers are liable for lost packages. The claim must be initiated by the recipient. 

We are not responsible for damaged or missing items unless it has been confirmed by us with an official announcement that we forgot to include an item, or that there was an error by our printer.
When your lost-package claim is approved, you can reach us by email at info@mmbookbox.com. 
What if I need to change my address?
Log into your account on our website and add the new address.  If appropriate, please delete the old one.  After updating the address, you will need to email us at info@mmbookbox.com or utilize the Contact Us page on the website to notify us of the address change.  Please include the name on the order and both addresses, clearly indicating which one is old and which one is new.  Without this notification from you and a confirmation from us, we cannot confirm that the shipping label will not auto populate the address used at the time of your order and we will not be responsible for a lost package.
What if my book is damaged?
If a book arrives with slight, normal wear and tear damage (think scuffs, minor scratches in the foiling, slightly bent pages/edges or dented spines, etc.), this will be considered cosmetic and the book will not be exchanged or refunded.  The books may arrive from the printer with slight imperfections, and we pick the best options from the batch.
If a book arrives with extensive damage sustained while in transit to you, you may file an insurance claim with the postal carrier.  If the damage is significant and somehow occurred and/or was overlooked during our packing (and was NOT sustained while in the possession of the postal carrier), we may be able to send you a replacement depending on our inventory and the extent of the damage.  The notice and pictures of damage must be reported within three days of the delivery of the box. The original book(s) would need to be returned before any replacement can be sent.  Shipping charges for sending the replacement would be covered by Mahogany Mail (this does not extend to any customs, duties, VAT or other charges for international customers - those would remain the responsibility of the customer).  The replacement will not be sent out until the original item has been returned to and received by us.  
This replacement option can only be applied once per order and it's possible the replacement books will be from our slightly scratched and dented back stock. Any imperfections would be limited to slight, normal wear and tear damage (think scuffs, minor scratches in the foiling, slightly bent pages/edges or dented spines, etc.)
How do you handle refunds and cancellations?
We do not issue refunds, cancellations or returns.  Please make your selections carefully and review your order before submitting it.  Renewal reminders are sent via email before payments are processed. 
Is your packaging discreet?
For now, our packaging is a brown box or a poly mailer. 

Other Stuff


Are you an author who's interesting in partnering with us?  Fill out our form!
When we launched Mahogany Mail, we did so with an audience that predominantly read romance books with MM relationship dynamics.  We wanted our box to fit a larger audience that enjoys stories from all LGBTQIA+ identities.  In addition to highlighting MM/Achillean romance stories, we occasionally feature books that center relationship dynamics in the broader queer spectrum.  
We are happy to include authors who are allies, and we also make a conscious effort to amplify the voices of queer and BIPOC people telling their own stories.


We spend a lot of time reading to make sure we are giving you great stories each month.  Our goal is to incorporate a mix of new and not-so-new books that have been redesigned. 
Our Marley's Must Reads box is not exclusively MM, but it will predominately feature MM books.  
Most Mahogany Mail books will be in the New Adult or Adult category and are intended for an eighteen and up audience
We want to be sensitive to our readers.  If you ever want to be sure a book is safe for you to read, please email us at info@mmbookbox.com.


Everything about Mahogany Mail will have at least a hint of spiciness. 
Some books might venture into the world of fantasy or have darker themes.   No matter what initially attracted you to queer stories, we hope you will connect with the characters in the books we select.  In the words of the fearlessly fabulous actor and director, Peter Paige, “they came for the queer and they stayed for the folk.”


The number of items will vary per box.  Occasionally, we may add a fourth book or an omnibus to the Marley's Must Reads box in place of swag.  We are predominantly working with queer and ally owned small businesses and will occasionally include non-exclusive items to support their small businesses. 
We are super excited to be including a bit of queer history on occasion.  It’s so important to remember the history and progress of the queer community.  So much has improved, but there are still many miles to go.  In addition to entertaining our subscribers, we want to be a vehicle for awareness and education.